Inspirations and Practices

Reclining Body Scan Meditation

You do not need to sit for your daily meditation. Sometimes what we need most is to lie down and relax into a restful state of present moment awareness. I have found this simple practice to be so comforting and healing. I hope you will too.     Reclining...

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Daily Centering Meditation

Happy Winter Solstice. During this season, I find myself increasing my meditation time. Usually this happens naturally out of my desire for more internal time but it also happens out of necessity. This time of year can be stressful and challenging with all of the...

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Meditation on 4 Attitudes

A few weeks ago I went to see a movie called The Last Dalai Lama directed by Mickey Lemle. The movie was about our current Dalai Lama. It was a powerful movie, and in my opinion, a must see for everyone - especially for these current times. The Dalai Lama summed up...

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Mental Steadiness & Inner Stillness Meditation

I find that the necessity for mental and emotional equilibrium (balance) growing more and more everyday. The world around me/us seems to be moving at such an accelerated pace that slowing down and the experience of being present is becoming a relic of the past. Simple...

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Metta Meditation

Recently, I've found comfort in Metta Bhavana - the Buddhist meditation practice of Loving Kindness. Metta meditation strengthens our qualities of kindness, caring, generosity, warmth, and friendliness towards others and - equally as important - towards ourselves. In...

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