The Call of Self…

Yoga, Meditation & Life Coaching

At some point in our lives, we hear the Call of Self longing to know and express a life of meaning, purpose and freedom.


All living beings contain within them a drive to evolve, to become the fullest realization of themselves.

This is where the journey begins. Each of us has the deep desire to heal, grow, and experience a life that has more meaning and soul purpose. We can support this drive more consciously through accessing our own inner guidance and wisdom. And more specifically through the direct experience of feeling connected to a more unified internal center called Self.

When we practice yoga – moving, breathing, chanting, focusing, reflecting, and meditating – we experience more lightness, ease, clarity in mind and body. This in combination with the Psychosynthesis life coaching and healing work, the benefits are long lasting positive changes in life perspective, increased self-awareness and a genuine feeling of wholeness.

Begin the Journey


I believe that the practice of yoga should be skillful, supportive and compassionate. It should recognize the whole of a person – nurturing body, mind & spirit. My teaching style includes thoughtfully combined sequences, integrated with alignment, flow, creativity and philosophy.


The benefits of having a regular meditation practice are many; more clarity, less reactivity, peace, deep realization and freedom. There are numerous techniques that support training our mental attention and allowing the deepening of Presence – breath, body, sound, mantra – to name a few.

Life Coaching

Psychosynthesis life coaching is not only focused on healing past issues that may be obstacles to the full realization of your life goals but it also includes the important work of revealing what is emerging from within you as your deepest purpose.

Yoga classes are currently online only

On the Horizon

group of men and women learning yoga positions in class

200 Hour – YOGA WORKS

Teacher Training

Who: Erika Trice & Lainie Devina
Where: Online Via ZOOM
When:  May 8 – July 11, 2021

This 200 hour immersive teacher training blends the history and philosophical teachings of yoga with the essential components of asana, anatomy and sequencing.  

Information Session to learn more: Thursday March 11 at 3:00pm PT

erika in yoga child's pose

Online yoga practice

Strong & Connected

Who: YogaWorks and Erika
Where: Livestream and Personal ZOOM
When: Weekly – M, W, T, F, Sat

Stay connected to your practice and your yoga community by taking a class online with me.

group doing yoga in building

Retreat in Peru

Yoga & Culture

Who: International Yoga
Where: Peru
When: Rescheduled – April 2022

Join Erika for a deeply transformational journey and yoga retreat to Peru’s Sacred Valley and witness the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu.