The Sun in the Heart Meditation

The Sun in the Heart Meditation

The Sun in the Heart Meditation

by Erika Trice | 4 minute meditation

This meditation came to me through a variety of sources. In most recent years, I re-learned it from Kenneth Sorenson, a Psychosynthesis Psychologist practitioner and teacher.

It is very brief. Feel free to add it into you already established meditation practice or use it as a way to strengthen and/or develop particular beneficial qualities.

My suggestion is to use this practice with one quality for a given time period. Until you feel that that quality has strengthen. Then feel free to tune in again and see if another quality emerges.

I have practiced this meditation for years and have found many different qualities that I have needed at different stages of my life.

I hope you find it as supportive as I have.

Let’s begin

  • Take a comfortable seat or you can lie down for this meditation.

  • Once you get settled, close your eyes and deepen your breath.

  • Taking some slower and deeper breaths in and out.

  • As you breathe, bring your attention to the middle of your chest. Maybe even placing your hands there one on top of the other to sense this area more strongly.

  • Take a moment to just feel the center of the chest area as warm and open. Breathing here for a moment or two.

  • Now visualize a sun in this middle chest area. A bright, luminous radiant sun warming and brightening this area.

  • As you imagine this sun here radiating, think about a positive quality that you most need right now. It could be integrity, courage, love, inspiration, peace, joy…whatever you feel you could use the most in your life right now.

  • Continue to breathe deeply as you imagine this bright luminous healing sun in the center of your chest and tuning into the quality you chose. Realizing that this sun has the ability to transmit this quality to you.

  • You may begin to feel chosen quality as a gentle energy inside of you. At first this may be subtle but with daily practice it can become stronger and more available.

  • Stay here as long as you like maybe even moving from here into a longer meditation.

  • When you are ready, open your eyes.