This meditation uses the breath and the word Peace in a contemplative way.

As we say the word and breathe, our awareness contemplates its meaning.

And over some time, we may find many meanings arising.

We welcome them all.

And find our way back to the bigger holding space that exists within each of us.

· Take a moment to settle into your body. Finding a way to sit or even lie down.
· And begin to scan through your body, noticing the sensations that are present now,
· Maybe there is some tightness or tension that you notice, or other sensations …warmth, coolness, tingling, maybe areas of pain or areas that are feeling free and light,
· As you continue to scan your body, let this be an invitation to arrive fully into your body
· And take 3 deeper breaths in and out
· What is the pace of your breath? Is it slow or fast? Is it deep or shallow?
· Where do you feel your breath the strongest?
· In your nostrils, or your chest, or in your abdomen? Or all over?
· Wherever you feel the breath the most distinctly, direct your attention there. And simply be with your breath.
· (few moments of just observing your breath)
· Begin to move your attention down to the center of your chest- as you rest your awareness in this center
· Quietly, inwardly say the word Peace, Peace, Peace….
· Breathe in – mentally saying Peace
· And then Breathe out -mentally saying the word Peace
· Continue with this for some time
· Inhale Peace – Exhale Peace
· (spend a few moments here inhaling/peace – exhaling/peace)
· You may find as you say the word Peace – things begin to arise in your awareness about Peace
· Welcome anything that arises
· Emotions may come, thoughts may come, body sensations may come, images may come
· Allow yourself to notice, feel, and recognize and then come back to the breath –
· Inhale Peace – Exhale Peace
· As you continue with this – begin to tune into a stillness at the center of your being that is holding all that arises with love
· A loving observer that is the witness to your experience
· (Pause)
· When you are ready, let go of the word Peace. Let go of the breath.
· Now sense your ears and listen to the sounds in the environment – sounds close in and far away
· (Pause)
· Then feel your body again sitting here – notice the places where your body connects to the ground beneath you, where you contact the seat you are sitting on
· As you feel ready, slowly open your eyes and just look around the room for a moment.