Entering into a Healing Sanctuary

by Erika Trice | 10 minute meditation

Entering into a Healing Sanctuary is a visualization meditation. Its focus is on connecting with your “spiritual helpers/guides”. It is great to use when you would like to access your own inner wisdom and guidance. The practice supports tuning into your intuition.

  • Find a comfortable position again, you can sit or lie down –organizing your posture in a stable and comfortable way.
  • Deepen into your breath…slowly beginning to lengthen it. Relaxing across your brow, release your jaw, soften your belly.
  • As you sit here in this room with all of the sounds surrounding you, allow yourself to be transported to a beautiful healing sanctuary or temple…visualizing yourself walking into this healing place …it may be outdoors in nature or inside in a sacred temple…see yourself entering this magical place, finding a place to sit …a place where you can be comfortable and safe 
  • As you sit ……sense what it feels like to be in this holy place….it is a place of refuge for you ….a place of great healing for you…
  • Begin to look around this place and notice what is in the environment…..what is in this space with you….is there nature around you, trees, flowers, water, what does the sky look like, are there animals nearby if you are outdoors, …if you are indoors what are the walls like, are there pictures, is there furniture what are the colors in the room
  • Noticing this space in all of its detail….
  • Noticing the sounds that are in this space if there are any, you may notice smells if there are any, maybe you smell flowers or incense, beautiful fragrances wafting in the air filling you up, let yourself notice the colors of the place, the light and colors all around you….you may notice that the colors in this magical place are more brilliant ….more healing
  • As you feel yourself settle and relax more deeply here …
  • Notice what the energy is like here for you….how does your body respond to this healing sanctuary…
  • Continue to look around this place and notice that you begin to sense the presence of other wise and loving beings there with you…..these beings are your Spiritual helpers, your highest level spiritual guides and teachers…and if you feel comfortable doing so….call them into this space even more now so that you can feel and possibly see their presence ….knowing that they are there to support you in your awakening and healing
  • And as you sense their presence with you, surrounding you, helping you to soften and relax more deeply into this healing space
  • You may want to ask these wise beings or being a question right now…asking them is there anything specific you could do to help you to find more healing and balance in your life? If you would like to, go ahead and then listen within to their answer.
  • You can also just simply ask them if they have any messages for you?
  • Remember that their answer may come in many forms, as words you hear, or pictures, symbols, or it may come in just an inner knowing
  • Feel to free to continue a dialogue with them for a few more minutes and if you hear nothing, just continue to kindly ask. Being open to whenever the message will come. Some messages come after the meditation is over…even another day from now.
  • As you listen allow yourself to relax even more deeply now, breathing easily and effortlessly. Taking in the healing energy of this place.
  • Once the wise beings your high spirit guides and teachers spoken. You may want to thank them for the wisdom they have shared with you. And if you are willing, ask that you continue to feel and sense their presence even after this meditation is over.
  • Once you feel complete with this, take another look around this place, breathing it in. Remembering that you can come back here anytime you would like to. It is your healing place.
  • And then begin to stand up, walking out of this temple and when you are out of the temple doors or gate. Take a deep breath in, feeling into your body here in this room. And opening your eyes when you are ready.