malaI find that the necessity for mental and emotional equilibrium (balance) growing more and more everyday.

The world around me/us seems to be moving at such an accelerated pace that slowing down and the experience of being present is becoming a relic of the past.

Simple breath awareness meditations are really effective for calming the nervous system, relaxing muscular tension throughout the body and they are great for center the mind.

Enjoy this simple yet profound meditation to help steady your mind and pave the way to an experience of inner stillness.


Two minute introduction explaining the full meditation 

Ten minute guided meditation


Set yourself up for meditation:

  • Take a comfortable seat.
  • Sit up tall creating length through all four sides of the torso.
  • Lower the chin until it is parallel to the floor under you . . . back of your neck is long.
  • Close your eyes and look inward.
  • Settle into your seat with a few deep breaths.
  • Allow the breath to just be as it is today and simply observe the breath as it flows in and out (It is helpful here to find a place in your body where you experience the sensation of the breath the strongest . . . this is where you can place your attention).
  • As you deepen into this breath awareness meditation you may find the mind needing something more to do if it is tending towards distraction…if you do you can note the breath mentally.
  • Saying inwardly to yourself . . . “Breathing In” on the inhalation; “Breathing Out” on the exhalation.
  • Continue with this for 5, 10 and up to 20 minutes a day.

You will experience the results of this practice strongly with consistency.