This is a simple but powerful healing practice. 

Allow yourself to become still and serene.  Taking some deep healing breaths in and out.  Settling into a comfortable seat.  And sitting up tall. 

Take your awareness to the crown of your head and imagine an opening here – like a satellite dish. 

Opening up this area to the vast space above you and beginning to imagine a beautiful healing light here and all around you. 

See this light grow brighter and brighter until you are surrounded by this healing light as if you are taking a shower of light.  Seeing this light pour down into the opening at the top of your head and flowing  within you and all around you. 

Beautiful, radiant ….cleansing and healing.  You are bathing in this shower of light. 

Now imagine the color red, beautiful and vibrant….like a ruby.  Imagine that red color showering down all around you and within you.  Healing and revitalizing.

Then allow that red color to change to orange.  Imagine a shower of orange light – raining down in you and all around you.  Allow some of that orange light to settle in to your adrenals …re-charging them.  Bringing you some vitality and healing.

Then let that color change to yellow…a bright, sunny yellow color.  Drink in that color as it pours down like a rain shower of light.    Sunshine yellow…filling you up. 

Now imagine green light coming down – soft and healing.  Green light all around you. 

Then a beautiful blue like the ocean – deep and calming.  Sapphire blue showering down with in you and all around you.

And now the color violet – spiritual uplifting, raising your vibration and cleansing any heaviness out of your aura.  Violet the color of transformation.   Breathing in this beautiful healing color.

Now imagine all of the colors of the rainbow flowing down like a rain shower …filling you up with all of their profound properties of healing. 

Coming back to your breath and back into your body now.  Rubbing your palms together and placing them over your eyes.  Feeling the warmth radiating from your hands.  Gently when you are ready open your eyes.  And release your hands back down to your legs.  Feeling recharged and ready to go about your day.